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Hey everybody! It will be short, sorry '^^
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It makes me sad, but I really really don't have time to keep two blogs and be a part of social network on other sites :((( I'm too busy with my life & work :((( 
I promise that on my lj I'll be for sure share my thoughts about music, dramas, movies, my personal life etc.  and still I will be provide DL links to my favorite publications! Nothing's gonna change :) only my place to write :)
So I invite you to my new site! I hope that you'll love/like it just like this blog & still we can talk about music ~you can posting comments as anonymous users who don't have account @lj too :)

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My first impression of this group wasn't good '^^ Judging by the appearance, Rania should have nothing to show, except sexy moves (I call this "slut dance moves", sorry '^^) & throwing their hair xD but I was surprised  by their live performance...they have quite good vocals...although Dr Feel Good not spoken to me, second song, Masquerade, is very interesting ~and my favorite on this album :)
but...girls, don't be LIKE THAT next time, please '^^

Artist: Rania
Title: Teddy Riley, The First Expansion In Asia 
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.04.06

01 Dr Feel Good (English Ver.)
02 Dr Feel Good (Korean Ver.)
03 Masquerade (English ver.)
04 Dr Feel Good (Inst.)
05 Masquerade (Inst.)


Block B

so this is it...it's something that probably will chagne my life a little ;) I have high expectations of this group...  I saw a TaeYang & TOP & JunHyung & maybe prettier version of KwangSu from Supernova in one band haha xD
I mean, Zico, loool he is great...maybe I don't know anything about rapping etc., but this boy surely have a BIG TALENT xD all these boys create very interesting band & I'm sure that we can expect more great performances from Block B :)

Artist: Block B
Title: Do you wanna B?
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.04.14

01 Wanna B
02 그대로 멈춰라!
03 나만 이런거야



Once again I was asked, if I could help promote some band :) this time it's acapella group sings acapella renditions of Asian pop songs (most Chinese, some Korean and Japanese as well) & it's called PennYo :) To describe it correctly, I will use what I know from Dan, a kind member of this band, who told me about them :)

~~ PennYo was founded in 2002 by a group of students bonded together by their passion for singing Chinese songs. Since then, the group has grown to become a well-recognized collegiate a cappella group and has gained a following of fans and supporters at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond. The name PennYo is a play on the Mandarin word for friends, 朋友. This aptly sums up the group's philosophy of being a tightly knit circle of friends who hail from all corners of the globe and who love to sing. We draw our material mainly from contemporary Chinese pop music ~~

Here is my favorite arrangement/song : 
Wang Lee Hom - Ai De Jiu Shi Ni 爱的就是你  

And here are links to sites where you can find more news, videos etc from PennYo :

OfficialWebsite : www.pennyo.org  - more information and you can purchase PennYo's music too :)
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/pennyo.a.cappella - like, like, like, LIKE !!! like me xD
YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/pennyos - see PennYo live performances!
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/upennyo - keep an eye on PennYo ;)

Hope that you'll like them just like me ~~ I still repeat their version of "Ai De Jiu Shi Ni" '^^ Thank you on behalf of PennYo for your attention :) Bye bye <3


My new Taiwanese revelation : MISSTER (特先生) !!
Hmm, I don't care, if they are les, bi, trans or whatever, I really really like them, just like I like Amber from f(x) for example. I'm not tomboyish at all, I just like it '^^ I like this style on others, but I do not qualify '^^ well I think that I'll never look tomboyish with my long blonde hair and make-up '^^

Quote: MISSTER (特先生) is a Taiwanese idolgroup formed by Lady Emperor in 2011. They made debut on 15/2/2011 with their Mandarin Chinese cover of "BOMB BOMB BOMB" originally by K-pop group SHU-I. The group consists of Milk Pan, Carol Chen, Jin Tai, Chris Lai and Chiao Wang.

and my favorite song : MISSTER - Super Lover

You can find DL link in description section of this video @yt - just click on "Watch on YouTube" button :)
 Enjoy it !


I was waiting for something new from 2PM so badly ;___; and here it is, new japanese song "Take off" !! I'm in love with this :)

credits:  kikitokiboom @yt

Big Bang

Artist: Big Bang
Title: Special Edition
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.04.08

01. Love Song
02. Stupid Liar
03. Tonight
04. High High
05. Oh Yeah
06. Cafe
07. I Need A Girl (Feat. G-Dragon)
08. Somebody to Love
09. 어쩌라고
10. Baby Don't Cry (Daesung Solo)

Brave Girls

 Many girlbands debiuted lately '^^ but I feel like important is quantity, not quality sometimes '^^
The Difference is a really good name for this album. So sexy is a weird song ~I think that bcuz : Hands up high, Brave Girls break ya ankle...wtf?!...but   아나요 is great :) this two songs are very different from each other, like a heaven & hell ;)

Artist: Brave Girls
Title: The Difference
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.04.08 

01. Ain’t Nobody Like Brave Girls
02. So Sexy
03. 아나요
04. So Sexy (Inst.)


Not that good as 'A', but catchy and sexy just like Rainbow ;D

Artist: Rainbow
Title: SO女 
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.04.07

01 So Cool
02 To Me (내게로..)
03 너뿐 이라고
04 Mach (마하)
05 A


Orange Caramel

This song is soooo freakin' HOT ! I must have this flowers leggings xD they are inconceivable xDD

Artist: Orange Caramel
Title: Bangkok City
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.03.31

01 방콕시티 (Bangkok City)