My first post here XD jupi!

finally I dare write something here ... I wanna just share some music in this blog, of course especially my favorite asian music ... but if somebody have a special request, let me know about this ... maybe I can help '^^ Well, I don't speak english ... I only know a few words and phrase '^^ I understan what people tell or write in english, and thats all '^^ so don't expect a long note or posts here '^^ I wanna only share my fav asian music '^^ soon I'll put my albums list ... then, if you wanna something, just post the request here '^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ dla ludzi z Polski: ... mam nadzieję, że oni lepiej niż ja znają angielski, więc nie będę sie powtarzać XD dyskryminacja? ależ skąd :P

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