Over a 100 posts!

well, maybe isn't this a big matter, but for me is a reason to joy '^^ I'm lazy girl xDD so these 100 posts since June this year make me really proud ... I want to say 'thanks' to all, which visited my blog '^^ Kamsamida ~ Thank U ~ Dziękuję ~ Arigatou '^^ and these several comments caused (?) that I'll try my very best in future =)

and ... as always '^^ I'm sorry for my terrible English xDD I'll improve this in future ... or maybe at least I'll try '^^ hihi


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  1. hihi ^^
    CONGRATULATIONS~ gong xi (恭喜), chuk ha hae~ (축하해) & Gratulacj ;p (correct? found it on an eng-polish translation site)~

    happy 100th posting and may you have many more to come :)~

    thanks alot for all the lovely postings and songs~
    py *^^*

    ps: was surprised to see justin lo on your site... cos so far it has been mostly korean songs... what music do you like to listen to?

  2. Hi py =) I listen more korean music, but from time to time I download some other music, for example from Taiwan, Japan. All the time I look for something new. But I love korean music the most.

    "gong xi (恭喜)" lol, this in Chinese '^^ another new phrase to remember =) and correctly in Polish is: Gratulacje '^^ with 'e' on the end =)

    and you py ... what music do you like? only korean or maybe other asian music?

  3. hi~ *^^*

    haha... "Gratulacje" okies... will try and remember ;p but polish looks really difficult! cant see how to pronounce that word at all ;p

    i listen mostly to chinese (mandarin and some cantonese) and korean music... japanese music depends on the singer so dont listen that much of japanese music...

    just curious but how did you start liking asian music? cos you should be native polish right? for me, i'm chinese but i studied a bit of the korean language so started liking korean music...

    anyway, saw your new posts just now... will go read now ;p haha...

    happy weekend~ py

  4. well, Polish supposedly is second the most difficult language on world '^^ first is Chinese xDDDD so I'm not surprised that you don't know how to pronounce polish words '^^ well, when we don't know some language it's hard to spell strange words =) but don't give up '^^ keep trying xDDD

    and yes, I'm in 100% Pole, with blond hair and blue eyes =) earlier, when I have 15-17 years old I listened more rock (Finnish, German, American) ... but in summer 2003 I had in my cable television Korean program "TV Arirang" ... I was just bored so I was watching some of music programs like 'Show Music Bank' etc. ... songs were really good, the guys were fine (for example, Se7en '^^) then I had no Internet and I had to wait until to 2006 '^^ so from 2006 my love to asian music, especially korean music, grows up '^^ and not only to music, but to culture and language also =) I would like to go to Korea once and meet some of Korean people =) but it can be also different Asiatic country xD

    py, you live in China or in other country? I admire you for this that you learn Korean hehe '^^ I learnt this language by myself but I have no time for this now, because I study and work =)

  5. hihi...

    you are really busy huh? only been 1 day and you put up so many posts!

    haha.. to me chinese is difficult because of the characters... if you read the romanisation or han yu pin ying of chinese, i think its not that bad... but polish... haha will try ;p

    so going by my estimation, you are around 23 years old? so what are you studying/working/doing now?

    i live in singapore... i studied korean language as a minor in university, then was lucky to have a chance to participate in an exchange program to seoul so lived there for about 10 months in 2001-2002. but sad to say, other than the basic phrases, cant really remember much korean anymore ;p

    anyway, if i can ever help you with anything, let me know yah? should thank you for your lovely blog and posts~

    have a nice weekend~ take care~ py *^^*

  6. yes, I'm 23 years old (but, you know ;-) I pretend, that I have less) ~~ well, in Poland we have two levels of higher education ... in June I finished first degree: pedagogy =) and now I work with small children, they have about one or two years old =) I'm like a nanny haha =) and in weekends I attend at university in Warsaw on the second level my education '^^ now I studies management (human resource)

    just in this weekend I must go to my school Y___Y but I'm sick, my nose is running '^^ in Poland is a cold and unpleasant autumn now and I catch a cold Y__Y instead of go to school, I would like to lie in bed and have a rest hehe '^^

    lucky you, you lived in Korea once =) well .... I will surely go there also someday (even if this will be on my old age haha =) I know how to say "My name is ..." and "Nice to meet you" in Korean hehehe =) this should be good on beginning '^^
    heh, but maybe I should just learn English more '^^ this would be a smaller problem '^^ unfortunately, I learnt by ten years German '^^

    Thank you so much for you intention of help *^^* I'll remember this for sure =)

    py '^^ since already I told you about my work and school =) so what are you doing??

  7. hihi...

    how are you feeling? hope you get better soon! singapore is also in the rainy season now (end of the year thing) so it has been hot/cold/raining all the time so a lot of people (me included ;p) have been coughing/cold for a while... sighz...

    haha... don't worry... i'm older than you (27) so you don't need to pretend to be young! oh... interesting education system... how long is the 2nd level ie your management degree?

    don't worry... i'm sure you will be able to visit korea one day! :) though yes... i agree i was lucky as well to be able to go to korea to study :)... but the exchange rate for the korean won is so so good now, i wish i was going again ;p!

    oh... so can you read korean? cos if you can, basic phrases i think i might be able to teach you... unless you have a korean friend, then i will be embarrassed to help ;p... how come you know german anyway?

    about myself... i studied marketing and management (hr) as well in university... now working in an office doing administrative work. not too interesting i'm afraid... :(

    ok... back to work :( get well soon~ take care~ *^^*

  8. ufff, I'm healthy and OK already '^^ 1st level was three - year's and 2nd is two '^^ this gives 5 years together ... so I'm on half - mark =)

    how come I know german? well, at polish schools learns mostly or english, or german, sometimes french ... now it's a little bit differnet (children learn two languages), but when I attended to elementary school, that only one was to choice ... and so I began learning german '^^ even on my 1st deegre studies I learnt german =)

    I don't have neither korean friends '^^ and I don't know too many phrases, I can spell only a few simply phrases, heh =) I watch many korean dramas and movies and from there I learnt a little '^^

  9. hihi~

    nice to hear from you again~ and glad you are feeling better :)

    oh... lucky you then! have another 2 1/2 years to be a student ;p so miss my schooling days... sigh...

    so you don't study polish in school? the school system now sounds like singapore... here we study english, then your own language (for example, i'm chinese so i studied chinese)... total of two languages in school... wow! your german must be good! my chinese ability is only enough for me to survive ;p haha...

    then i'm impressed! you must watch a lot of korean dramas and movies! you download from the internet/watch online? i don't think they show them on television right? we have some on television here but sometimes i'm too lazy and watch them dubbed in chinese ;p haha... so my korean is slowly disappearing...

    ok... back to work... have fun moving your blog~ noticed that's what you are doing now...
    take care...
    안녕~ annyong (you should know this phrase...)

    * ps: anyway to click here from your main page? cos it takes a while to go through so many pages to find this post ;p

  10. hello py *^^*
    nice to see you again =)

    thanks for compliment, but my German is not that good as you think xDDD I don't speak in German now, so slowly I forgot how to use this language fluently Y__Y and German is a really difficult '^^ you now, if you don't use it then you begin forget

    how I would explain this to you xD ? about 96% people in my country are Polish, so almost all speaks polish from birth '^^ Polish is the only one official language ... in elementary school we learn a little how to speak polish corectly (pronunciation, grammar, rule of writing) ... then in the next years we learn only about polish literature, culture etc. on lessons called " Polish language" '^^ in school polish kids begin learn foreign languages when they are 8 yeras old ... and as I say they learn two chosen languages '^^ but sincerely, teaching of foreign language in polish schools is not so good Y__Y mostly we learn how to write or read in ohter language, but we don't speak too much ... so I think our pronunciation it's sucks xD

    yeah, korean dramas and movies (or other asian also, but not so much as korean) are my 'hobby' =) I watch many dramas and movies, I download it, because I'm a little collector hehe =) I wish I had original DVDs but in Poland (even in Europe) it's hard to get this ... I watch them with english subs, even then I learn this language '^^ och and my mum watch it with me '^^ she really love korean dramas '^^

    and finally about you 'ps' request =) if you wanna write new post here you can click label "my bla bla" and then, 2nd or 3rd, is this topic ... but if this is still problem you can write your post anywhere under new topic '^^ I check and I read every comment so I find your for sure '^^

    look how long is this entry haha xD see ya next time '^^

  11. hihi jola :)

    haha... yes this entry took a while to read ;p

    i totally know what you mean! havent spoken in korean for such a long time so now think i probably know as much as a 3 year old ;p also prior to going to korea, my pronunciation of korean was also bad... so i do agree, have to use the language in the correct setting to really learn the language!

    oh... if there is anything you want (dvd - drama or movie) let me know... i can see if i can find it here then i can send them to you! we get quite the more popular dramas here but they come with additional chinese language and subtitles as we mostly get them from taiwan so you can study another language while watching korean dramas ;p haha...

    also... not sure if you know this site but there are lots of dramas and movies here... only think is cant download... only watch online... www.mysoju.com

    thankie~ finally noticed 'my bla bla' :) so much easier to find this page now... haha

    okies... back to work... happy weekend ahead~ 좋은 주말에 되기를 바래요~ (should be 'hope you have a nice weekend' if i remember correctly ;p hehe)
    take care *^^*

  12. hello py '^^

    finally I found time to write back for your note =) previous week was a "week of visits" '^^ on previous Thursday I was on meeting with my 'online friend' from Cracow, that was our first meeting, so I was a little bit nervous xD but Ewelina (thats my friend name) seem to be a very nice girl and also crazy like me xD we both love DBSK and Super Junior xD so, we talked about 'our boys' all the time =) we met in Warsaw, where she and I was for only three hours... then we go back to our cities... and I don't say her so many things Y__Y I hope that we can meet again soon '^^
    however, on previous Friday arrived to Poland my old, high school friend, Agnieszka =) she live in London (since 4 years) and now she back only to visit family and friends '^^ when we meet, we talked by four hours hehe =) I miss her a lot, she was my best friend in high school ...
    and finally on this Tuesday I visited my nephew (godson), his name is Krzysztof (like English Christopher) and he will be have his first birthdays of 8th December =) I didn't see him so long, I almost not recognize him o.O shame on me xD
    now I'm a little bit tired, but also very happy '^^ I meet so many people that I love '^^ so that was a really nice week ...

    dear py, is so many things, that I would to have xD not necessarily DVD with movie or drama '^^ but for example CD's (albums or singles) ... you see how I'm crazy about asian music heheh xD I wish to have anything connected with my asian stars '^^ but if you can buy me something, I don't know how to send you money back o.O well, I'm a blonde hehehehe =) I don't know to much about banking, foreign moneys, transfers etc. o.O it seems to difficult for me o.O maybe I can send you something in instead, but I really don't know what o.O in Poland we don't have any special things ;hehehe;

    heh, again you have to read my another long entry xD don't overwork and hang it there '^^ see ya again, peiying =)

  13. py, I write also an answer for your entry in "First meme" =) bye =)

  14. hihi jola :)

    nice to hear from you again :)~

    your week of visits sounds lovely~ much better than just work for me... haha... must have been nice to catch up with friends... though i havent got a clue where you are talking about ;p... my geography is horrible... hehe...

    no need to belittle blondes~ i dont know much about banking etc also ;p its not a problem for me to send you some stuff~ but have to tell you again, dvd (drama/movies) usually come with korean and chinese dialogue / chinese and english subtitles... as for cds... we dont really get alot here... all depends on luck ;p so how about you send me a list of what you really would like but cant find and i will see what i can find~ but honestly, no promises ;p

    * don't know if you want to write your address here... so email me your addy then... peiying_18@hotmail.com :)

    yep... have a nice week ahead~ will check out your other post now :)

  15. hello py!!

    don't worry about your geography '^^ I probably would not understand many, when you would write about Singapore or other asian country '^^ the world is so big and it's too hard to remember everything (or know everything) '^^

    it's not hard to find in Internet what I want ... but i really, really wanna have in my hands something, just anything, what is connected with my asian stars (as I say already) ... this is my dream '^^ and if you can send me just anything, that I'll be really loving you forever *_* I'll send you list (it will be short, I promise, because you did for me large favor already =) on your mail ...

    and finally, I have just started learn English, as yet myslef '^^ it's quite nice, but it requires for me a lot of work '^^ you know I'm lazy~'^^ and I don't know how long I'll be have enthusiasm ;-) but I'll try my best!

    see ya py! take care to the next time =)

  16. hihi jola~

    replied your email already so go check it out yah? will try and fulfil your dream soon :)...

    haha... no need to console me... my geography has been bad ever since i was in school ;p haha... hopefully will have a chance to travel out of asia one day to see more of the world :)

    oh... meant to tell you but i'm really impressed how you managed to find so many things online... where do you go and search?

    good luck with studying english! at least you are enthusiastic about studying! much better than me... i have already given up on improving my korean and my chinese is also going from bad to worse everyday ;p

    okies... take care and be happy everyday :)~ py

    ps: sorry might not be doing your poll... cant decide who to vote for yet ;p

  17. Hello py =)

    sincerely, I was only once abroad '^^ exactly, in Czechs and Austria (these countries are near to Poland)'^^ about a trip further than to some Europen country, I can only dream now '^^ but European countries are very beautiful, for example: France, Germany, Ireland, Norway =) maybe first I'll visit some of this countries =)

    I mostly found my things on forums or blogs... I have a few sites, which I visit everyday, like z_degress, bww2, asianload, getasianmusic...these are my sources of information '^^
    but sometimes when people ask me about some not well-known artist, I search via Google... sometimes almost immediately I find things, but mostly I must serach a little bit more '^^

    and yes, I'm quite enthusiastic, but now I have a small break in studying my English heheheh xDDD I know that if I will be learn English, I can correspond with you and also with ohter people from whole world '^^and it's nice to have friends on a whole world, in different countries and cultures =)
    so don't give up so easy your chinese and korean, py =)

    you don't need to doing my poll '^^ I know what you mean '^^ cuz I also could not decideon on only two artists... this was a difficult choice =) and as I say, I want write more but.... xD I established such principles, so I have keep to them '^^

    okies, py ... it's time back to work so take care and bye bye =)

  18. hihi jola~

    sorry for the late reply... have been busy with work lately :(... how are you?

    europe sounds lovely :) i have only been around this region so far... places i remember include: australia, korea, malaysia (cos its just one bridge away from singapore ;p), japan, china (but some small town cos went with parents on a business trip), thailand... places i dont remember cos i was too young: taiwan, hongkong, indonesia... guess thats quite a lot huh ;p? think its cos the countries that you are near are so so far from me they sound so much more exciting and exotic... sighz... haha... im too greedy right? want to go everywhere ;p

    oh... thanks for your info :) haha... have more sites to search for now... but limited time ;p have you tried 4search? besides your blog, i usually get my stuff from there...

    good that you are so eager in studying english! good luck and if you want to ask anything, please go ahead... will answer if i can~ yep... trying to keep up with chinese and korean... but only through music and dramas ;p hahaha...

    yep... back to work also~ take care and keep in touch...

    counting down for you... 9 days to christmas *^^*

  19. hello py =)

    you have been in too many intresting and pretty places, I'm just jealous =) and you have a right, you'r places sounds more intresting and exciting than mine, coz they are away for me and much more difficult to visiting '^^ and mine are so close, so they aren't exciting for me xD

    gosh, I'm sick again... this is just too much for me T_T but the weather is really ugly and cold, it's raining, wind blows... I really would like better snow T_T but Christmas comming and we don't have a snow Y_Y in Poland we almost always have a snow in Christmas... I see that weather has changed, maybe this is a global warming effect? we have more warm winters, without snow. And I think that Christmas tree in Poland look poor without snow Y_Y

    heh, I wanna today make some photos in Warsaw, just to show you my Christmas capital, and I just spoil my camera Y_Y well, I don't have a lucky day today... I must go to service, maybe tomorrow, and give back him to repair...

    here in Poland, we begin celebrating Christmas in evening 24. December, and I don't know how it's in countries of Asia '^^ but it's not important '^^

    gosh, I really wanna to recover quickly Y_Y I hate to be sick T_T so tomorrow I stay in home, I lie whole day in bed and I watch Korean movies, maybe some episodes of new drama xD

    so bye bye peiying '^^ be healthy, not like me xD see ya next time '^^

  20. hihi jola~

    haha... we should have an exchange programme or something ;p...

    how are you feeling? hope you are feeling better! i know what you mean~ there was one year when i was in korea for christmas and i was so hoping it was snow so i could see my first white christmas... but it didn't and it was disappointing... sighz... but its currently raining and always hot in singapore so can't complain... haha... has it started snowing in poland now?

    in singapore it depends on the individual... for me and my family, we don't celebrate at all... the christians/catholics etc will have some event in church and other people will probably just go to parties...

    hope you have a lovely day tomorrow~ enjoy the day and your korean dramas :) MERRY CHRISTMAS~ take cares~ py *^^*