Independence Day

Tommorrow (11.11) is a Polish Independence Day =)

Here is a short (and maybe uninteresting '^^) note about historical facts:

"90 years ago, after 123 years of partitions by Austro-Hungary (Austria+Hungary), Prussia (now Germany) and Russia, Poland reappeared on the map of Europe as a sovereign democratic state. The process of restoration of Poland's independence was gradual; the date chosen is the one on which Józef Piłsudski assumed control of Poland. The Independence Day was constitued in 1937 and was celebrated only twice before World War II. In Peoples' Republic of Poland (PRL) the holiday was moved into 22 July, when pro-soviet government kept control in Poland. Since 1989 the Independence Day was moved into 11 November. 61% of Poles said that November 11 is the most important Polish holiday."

In this day many Polish families go on military march pasts, which gets organized in many cities. This is not demonstration of military strength of our country, but only celebration tradition of our army and country. Soldiers march in old historical
army uniforms, so people (especially children) have chance get to know more about our past. Personally, I like this day. When I was little kid, my parents took me to Warsaw on march past '^^ It was always a Big Day for me =) I like the most soldiers on horses =)

Clip about ...

We have many reasons to by proud of our history. The past never was easy for us and when we already regained our independence, then (after only 21 years) Second World War was began. Sometimes, I thik that we are unlucky nation '^^ "Always wind in eyes" o.O We are between two strong countrys: Germany and Russia. And they always want take control over us, a small and "weak" Poland. But as you see, we still exist ...

I don't know why, but always when our country have big problems, people mobilize for his good. They fight, sacifice their life (even the kids, our "small soldiers" and scouts) like during 2nd World War. But when is time of peace it seems we are not the same. Many of us don't know the most important dates for our history. Maybe even I don't know all Y__Y Shame on me, because I wrote my "examination of maturity" about world and Polish history '^^

If somebody want to know more about 2nd World War in Poland, then he can watch this movies: "Europa, Europa" (1990, Agnieszka Holland, Gold Globe & Oscar nomination),
"Schindler's List" (1993, Steven Spielberg, seven Oscar's) and "The Pianist" (2002, Roman Polański, three Oscar's & six César's).

Monument of small insurgent's (Warsaw)

and photos of celebrations our Independens Day:

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