The Rasmus

ok, this is a non-asian rock band but it's one of my fav non-asian '^^ I listened him when I was younger '^^ this is a new album of The Rasmus ... maybe I listened The Rasmus like a yeras ago, but I know one: they still are very good and fortunately, they keep high level of their music ... well, this isn't the best album of their albums, but really good ... for me the best is forever "Dead letters" album '^^ the first, which I heard =) I've marked my fav songs on this album, like before =)

here is a note about this band on Wikipedia.com
The Rasmus

[album] Black roses [2008]

01. Livin' In A World Without You
02. Ten Black Roses
03. Ghost Of Love

04. Justify *
05. Your Forgiveness *
06. Run To You

07. You Got It Wrong *
08. Lost And Lonely

09. The Fight *

10. Dangerous Kind

11. Live Forever


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  1. Oh! That's what I'm finding! The one that sings "Guilty"! <3

  2. yes, this was The Rasmus =) but this is a new album, it isn't "Guilty" here