SS501 ♡ ~Triple S~

oh goshhhhh .... I didn't expect such a good mini album '^^ please, don't bite me, because I despaired in SS501 ... 'T_T' ... but it kicked me right in my ears ~~ almost I fell from chair ... really xD and I thought: hey, that isn't SS501 o.O this is such unlike to other Double S editions ... but this is really truth '^^ "my boys" made good work =) this mini-album is more in r'n'b\pop style with urban house beats ... it represent more mature sound and look, and even boys songwriting skills =)

I like 'Want it' the most ... because it has really !hot! vibes, sound sexy and charismatic ... I can imaged boys in viedeo to this song xDDD it would be probably secound great MV in this year (first is 'Mirotic') ... but really, I don't know which of this songs will be filmed 'T_T'

[mini-album] U R Man [2008.11.25]

02. U r Man
03. The ONE
04. 사랑인거죠
05. Never let you go
06. I AM


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