Hwang Project - Welcome to the Fantastic World

lol, this single is a little strange cuz... we have on beginning intro, which it sounds like a prelude to some fairy tale '^^ and title of second track: "Castle of Zoltar"... it reminds me some names from anime or manga '^^ but this song, "Castle of Zoltar" is really nice... I like Park Hyo Shin's voice in this... my second favorite song is the track #4, the bossanova version of "Majimak insa"... I think it's better than a normal version... more romantic, mysterious...

Welcome to the Fantastic World (feat. Park Hyo Shin) [2008.11.20]


01 Fantastic World
02 Castle of Zoltar
03 Majimak Insa
04 Majimak Insa (Bossa Nova vers.)


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