really, I don't know them too well, but this mini-album is really nice '^^ I love right now songs one & two...

[mini album] Pretty girl [2008.12.03]


01. Honey
02. Pretty Girl
03. 요를레이
04. My Darling
05. 나는..(I am)


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  1. Narcyyyy..thnx a bunch for kara's latest release!!I thought I would hv to wait awhile before somebody puts it up..
    Then I open ur page and it's there!
    Thank you once again..
    btw their 2nd mini is as good, if not better than their 1st mini aka the obiquitous Rock You..
    but I've never got hold of their 1st full album so I can't compare to the old Kara
    I love the new Kara!!!!!!!

    - Badd -

  2. well, I don't like such a cute\baby girls too much...'^^ but I like this mini album too '^^ maybe I'll find their full album... maybe it will be interesting like this =) we will see =)