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chinese pop-rock band, really really good - I discover them just today... I didn't expect that this guys will be that good - looking at the cover picture I was thinking that they are some pop-boysband, with cute faces... well, I don't know why I was that thinking xD I was so mistaken xD the first song is totally great, it's sounds like a Plastic Tree's song or some of the British rock bands' song '^^ soooo fine '^^ really, you must give them a try =)

[album] Great Restoration [2008.12.12]


02.沙滩绅士 (sha tan shen shi)

03.午后三点 (wu hou san dian) **
04.柔光 (rou guang)
05.低声细语 (di sheng xi yu) **
06.Me & I

07.夜空多灿烂 (ye kong duo can lan)
08.The Great Disappointment **
09.Ocean is Dead (ocean is dead) **
10.木偶剧 (mu ou ju) **
11.罗素广场 (luo su guang chang)


great! \** nice

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