lol, another kids group? o.O gee, gee, gee... this is to much for me xDD but this is a little bit different from the others, coz here we have a 4 boys and... one girl (she is a rapper in band, lol, she is a bomb xD) '^^ lol, really, something new xD but when I look at the pictures, I really can't see which of them is a girl (sorry xD) o.O and the title is a really misleading xD they don't "come back", this is their debut single... track #2 has a title "Comeback" and this is a speed, dance song, quite nice... #2 song is also dance song, but a little slower... the third track called "Mwottaemune" is a nice trot song '^^

[digital single] Comeback

01. Intro
02. Comeback
03. Freedom
04. Mwottaemune
05. Mwottaemune (inst.)


a MV to "Comeback" ... looks like a unprofessional, but it's really nice...

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