For this whos looking for something and don't find this on my site...
Here is a few links where you can find your things in demand xD
remeber that this isn't upload by me, I give this just for the others, and I don't reserve this for me xD it's because I don't have time for uploading this stuffs and don't even want it :]

********* long time ago someone request Shinhwa albums... I don't know if this had to be all albums, but I find link to almost all ^^ (Megaupload links):

credits: azn myüzik city V.2.2 ~~ uploader: ktown (I think^^)

********* JYP or Park Jin Young, I found only one album Y_Y (Megaupload link):

credits: azn myüzik city V.2.2 ~~ uploader: ktown

********* Jewelry S project single (Sendspace links):

Sweet Song + 2 new songs
01. Date
02. Teuleobwa (Listen)
03. Niga Deo Choha (Like You More)

credits: bww2 forums ~~ uploader: jayce_gal

********* Shin Hye Sung vol.2 (Megaupload link):

Beginning, new days

credits: LoL, just found this on Megauplad explorer '^^ and I hope that this hasn't password '^^

********* I'm sorry, I can't find Kim Dong Ryul's albums Y_Y

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