BoA [US album]

Yay! finally she release the American album :D I'm happy and I'm a little bit worried, heh xD coz I wish her many successes, he is able to good represent Korea in the States... Hey American (and all of the world) fans of BoA and korean/asian music! support her, please ;-)
I think this album is really good '^^

[album] BoA [2009.03.17]

01. I Did For Love (feat. Sean Garrett)
02. Energetic
03. Did Ya
04. Look Who's talking
05. Eat You Up
06. Obsessed
07. Touched
08. Scream
09. Girls On Top -English Version-
10. Dress Of
11. Hypnotic Dancefloor


5 komentarzy:

  1. *_* thank you very much, also pre-ordered this one =D

  2. thank you a lot! :)

  3. hey if SM entertainment sent u a mail about that one song link about BoA, what do you think they'd for this whole album post? I hope u won't get caught XD. so we can keep enjoying ur posts.

  4. Technically speaking I doubt they could do sue or take action against this specific blog. They would have to do that with whoever is posting it on the music uploading sites ;)

  5. yep, I'm not the only one who publishes links to SM Ent. albums etc. and I'm not even very popular '^^ I know more sites or forums which made the same thing as me, they are more popular and have more readers or users... the weirdest thing is this, that they care only about BoA's album... so what about other SM Ent. artists? and I think if you really love or just very like some album, you'll buy it '^^ like me, I buy some albums from Yesasia or eBay... somebody who love concrete album surely will buy it, somebody who don't, someone will be not even keep this album on a disc '^^ and I'll for sure buy this album, coz I really like it '^^ and I'll give to you earn SM En.t, so don't worry xD