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Yupi!! finally new album xD I'm tired (I just back from my work) but also very happy coz this album :D it's quite surprising and nice album '^^ we find some new sounds in 'Force' and '9095' ... really beautiful ballads are '忘れないで', 'Taxi' (my fav ballad on this album), and also 'Bolero'... but my beloved songs from this album are: 'Doushite Kimi Wo...', 'Beautiful you', 'Stand up!', 'Survivor', 'Kiss the baby sky' and 'Bolero' ... that is almost all singles xD and only 'Take your hands' I like much better in original version from 'Surivor' single and I think that korean version of 'Mirotic' is the best, just gorgeous :D

[album] Secret code [2009.03.25]

Cd 01

01. Secret Game
02. FORCE ♡
03. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう ♡
04. Nobody Knows
05. Beautiful you ♡
06. 忘れないで
07. 9095
08. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
09. TAXI ♡
10. Stand Up! ♡
11. Survivor ♡
12. Kiss The Baby Sky ♡
13. Bolero ♡
14. 9096 (Hidden Track)


Cd 02

01. ウィーアー!
02. Take Your Hands -REMIX-
03. Box in the ship
04. 千年恋歌
05. Purple Line


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  1. *-*
    muito obrigada! ♡

  2. i'm korean and dongbangshinki's fan.

    how did you buy this album?

    i think that it is very expensive~

    i haven't bought it yet^^;;

    that songs are very good!!