it's already late... but...

It's already late ... but who cares xD I'll serve you some bullshit about my life ... xD

* I should sleep already, and probably tomorrow I'll look like a zombie '^^ and feel like a zombie, too '^^ I'm sick, again, from friday officially __^__ I catch a cold from my co-worker __^__ when she recovered, I just started my cold ... gosh, it's not fair ... but who told me that this world will be fair? __^__

* except this, I'm without cash on the end of month... again xD I paid for my school (damn, my studies are really expensive... T_T), make some silly purchases... and I have nothing in my wallet __^__ but, if we look on the other side of this situation... I bought some great stuffs xD for example: overcoat about which dreamt from a long time, new shoes, really sweet purse, and ... some new albums xD well, albums were the most expensive __^__ my beloved asian stars albums '^^ from some time I buy albums on Yesasia... great site, where you can find almost all asian albums (well, maybe except Rain's World which I desperatly need heh xD) and now I'm just addicted from shopping '^^ some other time I'll show you my small collection '^^

* and ... how is this? you was on appointment whit someone, who likes you ... but you don't like him in this way (I mean, you don't love him or even don't desire him - I hope that I make myself clear '^) ... so you sayed him: hey, we can be only a good friends, nothing else ... you was sincere ... and next day when you see him, he tells you only 'hallo' and disappears ... you work with him so probably you will see each other every day, and this makes you very nervous, embarrassed and resigned... but every time when you will be pass by, he will pretend, that he doesn't know you ... what will you do in this situation? it's kind a hard for me ... well, it obvious that I write about me '^^ I was just sincere ... I don't wanna force myself to something ... __^__

gosh, it's really late now __^__ and I gotta go to sleep... but one more thing, btw very important xD it's spring finally in my town !! 13 Celsius' degrees haha xD and in this weekend will be probably some 18 Celsius' degrees xD spring and sunny, finally come xD yupi!

Okie, cookies, I must go '^^ be sure of some nice news on my blog soon '^^ I'll try put some new music here xD take care and sweet dreams :D Photobucket

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  1. Awww Im sorry! >.< I had that happened to me a couple times too, when my co-workers recovers I get sick.. =_= NOT FAIR. HAHA

    I like Yesasia too! ^^ love to buy my CDs there!!

    Recently I had that happened a couple times myself.... I don't think of these ppl as anything more than friends, and when i told them that, I broke their hearts, and they pretend they don't know me anymore TT_TT I know how you feel. ><

    It seems like you are geting a really beautiful weather there! Lucky!

    Well hope you feel better and work things out with ur co-worker!!!


  2. get well soon!!

  3. hrmmmmms with the second part i of that guy, i am pretty similar in your situation. however its the girl that ignores me :(:( >.< like after we broke up..... i dont know i tired talking to her i tried everythingg... even seeing her, i even get friends to ask her stuff.... BAHHHHHH im so devoted :( anyway lol my point is ' If you love something let it, and if it comes back then thats how you know"................. just let time be my buddy :]...
    hrms i sorta got a blog about GUYS '37 things about guys " if u want to look at:D "