Links... part 02

Hello! once again I'll give to you some links '^^
still remember... this isn't upload by me :p ... and Enjoy!!

*********Baek Ji Yonug*********

vol. 1 Sorrow (July 10, 1999) [MF link]
vol. 2 Rouge (April 17, 2000) [MU link] [MF link]
vol. 3 3 Tres (June 14, 2001) [MU link] [MF link]
vol. 4 Smile (August 29, 2003) [MF link]
vol. 5 Smile Again (March 21, 2006) [MF link]
vol. 6 The Sixth Miracle (September 7, 2007) [MF link]
vol. 7 Sensibility (November 13, 2008) [MF link]
* Various Artists [FT Island, SeeYa, Baek Ji Young...] Simboorum [MF link]

credits: azn myüzik city V.2.2, uploader: ktown (albums: 2 & 3) + iHoneyJoo (mini album "Simb oorum") + bww2 forum uploader: jabsters (albums: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


[single] Over [2009.02.27]
[Sendspace links]

01 Over (feat. Kayoco) (Korea Ver.)
02 Over (feat. Kayoco) (English Ver.)

credits: bww2 forum uploader: jayce_gal

*********Wang Lee Hom*********
I don't have this album, I find only a link to this on koolRNB.com '^^

[album] Heartbeat

01. 爱得 得体 (Ai De De Ti)
02. 心跳 (Heart Beat)
03. 春雨里洗过的太阳. (Spring Rain Washed In The Sun)
05. 我完全没有任何理由理你 (I Don’t Have Any Reason To Care About You)
06. 另一个天堂 (Another Heaven)
07. 玩偶 (Dolls)
08. 脚本 (Script)
09. 竞争对手 (Competitors)
10. 摇滚怎么了!! (What’s Up, Rock!!)

[MU link] [MF link]

credits: koolRNB.com

*********Tae1 (TaeOne)*********

[album] Bad guy [2009.02.07]

01 . Intro
02 . Friend
03 . 나쁜 남자 (Feat. JB)
04 . 소나기
05 . 빛처럼 운명처럼 (Feat. To Romance)
06 . 행복해라 (Feat. 양정승)
07 . 나쁜 남자(Accustic Ver.)
08 . Lover
09 . 나쁜 남자 (Mr)
10 . 소나기 (Mr)
11 . Friend (Mr)

[MF link]

credits: The Death's Blog

it's quite hard to find something from this japanese artist '^^ I know that Seamo has relaese 5 albums, many singles and songs in collaborations with many other artists '^^ but today I find only this:

AZU - Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO

1.Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO
2.Anata no Special ni Naritai ~Just wanna be~
3.Saigo no Koi
4.Jikan yo Tomare feat. SEAMO (INSTRUMENTAL)
5.Anata no Special ni Naritai ~Just wanna be~ (INSTRUMENTAL)
6.Saigo no Koi (INSTRUMENTAL)

[Sharbee link]

credits: Otaku Hime Blog

some individual links:

* xxxHolic Kei Ending Theme [MU link]
* Honey Honey [MF link]

credits: Yukan blog!

Seamo (feat. BoA) - Hey boy! Hey girl! [MF link]

credits: boa-fanki2 blog (LoL, Polish blog about BoA :D)

Tenjochiki (feat.Seamo) - The Club [MF link]

credits: Desert Heart Blog


vol. 1 Love Affair (2002) [Rapidshare link]
vol. 2 World Is Echoed (2003) [Rapidshare link]
vol. 3 Oriental Quaint (2005) [Rapidshare link]
vol. 4 Imagery (2006) [Rapidshare link]
vol. 5 Harmony (MAXI VERSION) (2007) [Rapidshare link]
vol. 6 Sounds (2007) [Rapidshare link]

credits: HALL OF JAZZ REBIRTH Blog uploader: nophanyahya (I think '^^)

*********Hey! Say! JUMP*********
I don't remeber well, but I think that somebody requested their discography long time ago xD

Hey! Say! [MU links]
1. Hey! Say!
3. I Wokure

Ultra Music Power [MU links]
1. Ultra Music Power
2. Star Time
3. Too Shy

Dreams Come True [MF links]
1. Dreams Come True [PV rip] [broken link :( ]
2. Oretachi no Seishun (Takaki Yuya)
3. Chance to Change

Your Seed [MF links]
1. Your Seed
2. Bouken Rider
3. Your Seed (Original Karaoke)

credits: bww2 forums uploader: ikattun

~~~~ I'm sorry, but I don't find a Show Luo's MV "Chao nan zheng chuan" :[ ~~~~

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