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another japanese single '^^ ok, isn't this too much for these boys? it looks that they are very busy Y_Y it's not good... SM & Avex give them some break, ok? :)

I was firstly suprised, "Share the music" has quite weird sounds '^^ but if you listen to this song twice and more, it becomes more natural and normal, even original '^^

[single] Share the world / We are [2009.04.22]

01 Share The World
02 ウィーアー!
03 明日は来るから (Bonus Track)
04 Share The World (Less Vocal)
05 ウィーアー! (Less Vocal)


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  1. i've watched the share the world mv...thought the mv seem weird to me but i love our boys especially when yunho shi stared...and we are song is fun to listen..it's lyric is fun and the tune is catchy...kinda stuck to my head ever since i first listen to it...
    thanks for your update...nowadays...i just read DBSK update from ur blog first as ur update is totally updated...kamsahamnida<3