Happy Easter!!

The best Easter wishes from Narcia



Easter is a very importatnt holiday in Poland. Some more info about Easter in Poland:

"The tradition of Easter celebrations in Poland are as old and elaborate as Christmas celebrations and they involve a lot of preparation and Easter customs. The picture above is of a typical Easter basket, which will be blessed by the local Priest on Easter Saturday and eaten by the family on Easter Sunday." heh, it's really my own basket '^^ I can't wait to eat this eggs xD

"A picture taken of boys filling buckets and water pistols with water drawn from a town water pump on Easter Monday. In Poland this day is known as Śmingus Dyngus and is a tradition, which involves boys running around the villages, towns and cities of Poland throwing water on others. Tradition states that girls who get caught and soaked with water will marry within the year."
believe me, it's not so fine if they catch you '^^ I think that this tradition is quite stupid '^^ when I was younger, many times I was sooo wet brrrr... now I'm more carefull and I don't go out nowhere in this day... yeah, I stay all day in the house, but my dad always will pour me a little bit water xD

"Easter in Poland: the interior of a typical Church on Easter Saturday (Święconka). In the background is a special Christmas altar. On this day baskets containing a variety of food is brought to the Church to be blessed by the local Priest. Typically the Easter basket might contain sausage; cake (particularly babka); hard-boiled, decorated eggs; butter; and salt. The food is then set aside to be eaten on the following day, Easter Sunday."
sometimes this places are really beautiful...

now I will show you Pisanki (Polish Easter eggs) they are only handmade, very delicate and light, coz this egg are mostly empty inside (empty egg shell) ...
more traditional...

or more modern '^^

and tomorrow my mom will prepare us such a breakfast '^^

I just can't wait to eat this '^^ haha, I got hungry '^^
it's all for today :) once again Happy Easter my cookies!!!

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  1. Hi, I'm also Polish but I live in Canada. There's a church near my house, an English church, that has also adopted the tradition of blessing the food, and people from many different cultures come on Easter Saturday to get their basket of food blessed by the priest. Not just Europeans, but there are also many from the Phillipines as well as India.