My little collection '^^

today was a little bit better than yesterday '^^ in my work was quite calmly, thanks God Y_Y but still my nose is sooo jammed xD well, I just hope that in a few days it will be better heh '^^

also yesterday I say that "some other time I'll show you my small collection" ... I think, today is a good day, so ... okey, this is what currently I have on my shelf :D

two splendid k-dramas (on a DVD) '^^ my first drama "Full house" and great action movie with great Lee Jun Ki "Time between dog & wolf" ...

Dong Bang Shin Ki "Mirotic" version B (I think '^^)
big thanks to PY, she bougt me this as a Christmas gift '^^

Epik High "Pieces, part one"
the best hip-hop album ever, as for me '^^ I think that their new album "Map the soul" will be also great ... I just can't wait to get my copy xD
Bi Rain "Rainism"
another amazing album '^^ with really nice photobook '^^ Rain is a Mastah~~ !!
Big Bang "Remember"
I was a little shocked, coz I find in this album some extras: mini posters of the boys, funny & cute labels ...

SHINee "Amigo" 1st album repackage
I bougt this, coz here is "Amigo" song which I love xD but the truth is that I love all song on this album :D I just love these boys '^^ black-withe pics are awesome '^^
Golf & Mike "Get ready"
okey, i'm ready and very happy that i have this album of these Thais xD nice jo G&M :D
M "Explore M"
one of the best M's albums '^^ with quite nice photobook, but it's a little bit hard to open it xD

Super Junior "Sorry, Sorry"
finally I get some Super Junior's album xD I just love these boys, but two previous albums was really average for me '^^ this album is much better '^^ some of their songs have a new sound, and they are great '^^
Big Bang "Always" and "Hot issue"
I love "Last farewell" and "Lies" ... now I have this songs on CD '^^
After School debut single "Newschool girl"
my first ladies' album xD really nice photobook with quite large pics of girls '^^

I buy albums, coz I want to have some from my lovely asian idols in my own hands '^^ but they are quite expensive for me ... US $ it's expensive here in Poland, for example 1 $ = 3.27 Zloty - Polish currency ... when album costs 14.99 $ that is a 49 Zloty for me ... this is quite a lot ... I earn daily some about 28 Zloty '^^ so, I buy it only when I save some money for this '^^ end of enumerations, this isn't that intersting xDD

Okey, my cookies xD time to bet, again __^__ and to work tomorrow, again __^__ but, in this weekend I'll be free and I finally get some more sleep heh '^^ take care, luv ya all ♡♡♡ !!
PS in this weekend, I think that I find some time for make your requtests from shoutbox '^^

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  1. hihi jola~

    sorry didnt leave a message on your previous entry ;p hope you are feeling better!

    how are things with the colleague? don't feel too bad about things... cos i think you did the right thing by telling him! better than letting it drag on right? things will be ok after a while... it happened to me as well... twice and with one of them, we are no longer in touch, but with the other, we still message from time to time... not as much as previously but it's ok... so hang in there yah?

    anyway, i'm impressed with your collection actually! that's a lot of albums! glad you like dbsk... no idea what version is it ;p don't listen to them much ;p though... i agree that the exchange rate is really not in your favour! it's very expensive for you to buy from yesasia... if there's anything that you really want, drop me a note yah? will scout and you might get a surprise one day *^_^* but no promises ok... told you before that the korean cds we can find in singapore are rather limited...

    yep... have a nice weekend n hope you got a nice rest! i'm stuck doing overtime on saturday :( sighz... so so busy with work...
    take cares~
    huggies n luvluv
    py *^^*

  2. hello PY

    i'm ok, but I hope that day by day I'll be better xD

    hmmm well, I don't feel bad, coz I really do a good thing, maybe I'm only little lost in this situation and don't know what to do heh '^^ but I just hope that all will be alright, time goes by as always '^^

    oh, it's not so impressed xD it's really quite small, but I just hope that this is only the beginning :) and I know that I can depend on you :) if I someday need your help, I'll write to you immediately :) you can always depend on me too and you can be sure that I repay you for your kindness ;-) btw I really like yours suprises xD always in the right time hehe :D

    overtime in job isn't good __^__ I believe that you can handle this, but be careful ok? '^^ take care and try rest a little bit more, just like me :) to the next message '^^