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hello my folks :) I'm finally back xD I'm soooo sorry that I didn't posted for so long, I'm really really sorry ... I promise to get better from now on :) but it was a hard time for me lately, and it's not the end yet Y_Y (hard time in my work, too many to do; I have problems wiht my eyes lately, they hurts, they swell and they pinch me Y_Y I'm probably have some allergy; and just today my lovely canary, Tofik, died, gosh, I was crying so much, that I'm very tired now Y_Y) ... I'm really moved that you all support me and still you like my blog ~~
Photobucketbig 감사합니다 kamsamnida !!! (heh, I hope that this is correctly '^^)

today I want to shere with you a new F.T. Island japanese single "I Believe Myself"... it's a really nice and good single, despite that they singing in japanese, they still have own characteristic sound... it's quite amazing, coz I think that language changes sometimes sounds of some songs... look at 'Mirotic' song... for me korean version is amazing, and japanese version is only good... but F.T. boys are still the same and this is very good :) second song is all in English, ekhm... well no comments xD I won't say anything about their English, coz my English is bad too '^^

[single] I believe myself [2009.04.22]

01. I Believe Myself
02. TV Radio
03. Moonlight Angel


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