She is a new face on korean stage and very talented young girl... also very cute xD I become her fan yesterday xDDD and fall for 'Boo' this is too cute song, really :) when I listen to this song a feel more better and very very girlish xD

[mini album] Lost And Found [2008.09.28]

01. Miun Ori - Ugly Duckling
02. Mia
03.Itjanha - You Know (feat. Mario)
04. Feel So Good
05. Every Sweet Day
06. Mia (MR)


[2009.04.22] Growing up [2009.04.22]

01. To look at
02. Boo
03. Poor thing
04. A Dreamer
05. Every Sweet Day
06. Missing Child
07. Not me, but four
08. You see…
09. Day of graduate
10. Feel So Good
11. Ugly Duckling
12. After looking at
13. Missing Child (Acoustic Ver.)
14. You see (Rock Ver.)
15. Boo (Inst.)
16. Poor thing (Inst.)


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