it's all ... For Muzik ... and Ma people...

I wonder how many people thought that I don't come back here, huh? :) I think many of you '^^ and it's my fault that you thought like this... I know that I should give a signal before, write something, just anything, but... always, as I started, ended with the emptiness in my head xD I asked myself: what to write? apologize to everyone? or is it worth to write about my life again? heh, so many silly questions xD that's why I didn't wrote here for so long... but today I just thought: hey silly girl, you put a lot of work into this blog, and now you just going to give up? don't be a loser xD hold on, don't give up and start as if it was the beginning of something new :)

So, I hope that you will support me, as far :) if so, it will be easier for me to develop my blog :) remember: this is thanks to you & it's for you :)

One more time:

* If you notice a broken link, don't be afraid to mention this to me :) I'll do what I can to fix this ~~ this is my kind request :)

* I wrote about this once: I will not fulfil all of your requests. I will only post what I like, coz only about this I have something to say, even the simple "I like it" or "I don't like it" ~~ this is my kind clarification :)

* maybe someone of you knows a good site where I can forms a nice new layout to my blog? If so, tell me about it :)

to be continued...

7 komentarzy:

  1. Jaki ładny layout!!! <3333 Sama robiłaś? ;>

  2. lol, dziękuję <3333 si si '^^ właśnie dopracowuję szczegóły '^^ właściwie nie wiem czy to to ładny layout jest xD jest taki trochę cukierkowo-przesadzony, moim zdaniem, ale mi się podoba, trochę odzwierciedla mnie samą xDDD

  3. hey,i never drop any comment before.sorry about that.but really,thanks a lot.i love ur blog sooo much.about the blog layout,u can always find good,nice and pretty one at blogskins.com :)

  4. I read your blog and like the music!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Omona !!!! Tnk´s for your Comback, I´m so glaad , please keep working, Greeting from South America.

  6. Właśnie mi się taki podoba :P Kontrastowy jest. I gdzie tam cukierkowy. Fajnyyy :P
    Ach i to zdjęcie śliczniaste :)

  7. a właśnie zastanawiałam się nad jego zmianą xDDDDD takie duże jest '^^^