...and a Happy New 2010 Year !!

Woah! Here in Poland soon will be midnight :)))

So, I wanna wish you... than the new year was better than the old... all your dreams come true... that you may have reached your goals... believe in love again, believe in people again '^^ coz, this world is not so bad at all.... :) just appreciate what we have :)

and... I wish all my idols... to give their all for music, for the performance, for us, your fans :) we will love you for that as much as we can :) the New Year 2010 should bring you more successful !!

Asian music is the best! K-MUSIC is the BEST :) let's stay together to next new year :)

and for me... I wish myself to have more time for updates & makes you more happy thanks to this... and I wanna meet more people with the same interests :)

3 komentarze:

  1. Yeah happy New Year!!!!!
    New year with new Heart ^_^

  2. hihi jola~

    happy new year 2 :)!!! hope you dreams for the new year will all come true!

    sorry i havent been in touch regularly recently... in the new year, will try harder!

    hope you received my pressie soon~ let me know when you get it yah?

    take care~
    huggies n luv
    py *^^*

  3. "hope you dreams for the new year will all come true!"
    your dreams too :) I hope that this year will be the best for my PY :)

    "sorry i havent been in touch regularly recently"
    hey, I'm not better xD but that that we are still in touch is more important :)

    "in the new year, will try harder!"
    me too, me too '^^

    "hope you received my pressie soon"
    YeaH! I can't wait now :) every day I wait for the postman xD

    bye PY :)