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I just finish watching a "Romantic island", a movie with Eugene, Lee Min Ki and Lee Seon-gyun (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince). It was sooooo amazing movie, full of emotions (I cried or laughed all the time) and full of really beautiful landscapes of Philippines (incredible!). Outside my window is big winter with a snow from the sky & is really frostily '^^ But when I was watching this movie, I almost feel this Philippine sun on my face :D It makes me feel better :) coz where winter lasts too long, you lose your good mood quickly '^^

Romantic Island [2008]

Genre: Romance
Starring: Lee Seon-gyun, Lee Su-kyeong, Lee Min-gi, Eugene, Lee Mun-shik, Lee Il-hwa.
Release year: 2008
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

"** A poor but vivacious lady, Soo-Jin (Su-kyeong Lee) takes a vacation to an exotic island for the first time, totally free from work and her family. A rich but cold-hearted gentleman, Jae-Hyuk (Seon-gyun Lee), secretly visits the island for his estranged fathers funeral. Jae-Hyuk bumps into Soo-Jin at a hotel and attracted by her lively spirit, Jae-Hyuk asks her to be his tour guide during his stay on the island.
** A famous idol star, Ga-Young (Eugene), is stressed out from her hard schedules and takes an impulsive vacation. A hopeless clerk, Jung-Hwan (Min-gi Lee), gets a free ticket to the island from his friend. Spoiled, Ga-Young sees Jung-Hwan standing alone at the airport and asks him to carry her bag and to take her to the hotel. Mr. nice guy, Jung-Hwan cant turn her down and he becomes her companion to the island.
** A father and husband, Joong-Sik and his wife, Yoon-Suk, take their very first trip abroad to the island. In the romantic island, Joong-Sik tries to make his wife the perfect vacation, presenting an unforgettable memory with him for the last time."
credits: DlAznMovies.com

My rating: 9/10

Highly recommended !!

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