....it'll be sad & short information....
From some time I'm really pissed off at some people...
Coz... Aja-Aja.com will be closed soon: ..!!READ WHY??..

If you know some of this people or you are registered on some of this sites, please help and send them a note that they must remove this links! just like me:

"Hey, using others links is really horrible :( especially if you use them in a way against wishes of the owner :( it's not fair, that by your arrogance and laziness, many people will be have denied access to asian dramas now when Aja-Aja.com will be close for free users... I don't even please about remove this links... you just NEED to do this! I know that you can just give the link to the Aja-Aja.com site and write that there are episodes for download... even a kid would know that this is the appropriate behavior :( you should be ashamed that you do this..."

I'm not pissed about this, but I'm really, really MAD at this people who steals links, post it on their sites and still pretend that nothing happened :( just by their behavior Aja-Aja will be closed for free users... and hurts me also this can happen to anyone, who post and share links with people, included me :(

I just hate thieves, wrrrrr....

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  1. Hello, you update the status of sites.
    Many web pages removed the links.