Mr. Boogie, if I want to, I can have you.....

yah ...................... but I'm too lazy xD

:f(x)-NU ABO:

"Mr. Boogie" is my favorite song on the new f (x)'s album ;) this is unexpectedly very good album, I like all songs, even "NU ABO", which is quite weird, but very catchy :) I don't look at their new image, it just may change at any time.... they have nice comeback :)


not like a Super Junior .... well, I like "Bonamana" and the MV, but all album doesn't sound so good :/ I like only a few songs, like "My only girl" or "Boom Boom" .... I was waiting for something better, coz 3rd allbum was so good, but this is not what I was expected... and I miss HanKyung :( I really don't know why he is absent (well I know only that he had some disagreements with the SM Ent.) I'm little confused and sad :( he is one of my favorite SuJu's members... now I have DongHae and Yesung only.... T_T I hope that My Han will be back quickly....


OH YEAH !! theymakeacomebacki'mtotallyexcitediwaswaitingforthisfor sooooooooooolooooong!!!! :D I just can't tell with words how I want some new music from this boys :D they win my heart with Idol Amry She's arrived xD now I'm addicted to MBLAQ ; ) the song "Y" is just awesome from this what I heard in a teaser... I'll go crazy until 17th May come T_T look at the 2nd teaser:


this Queen of K-pop makes really awesome come back :) I like her new album, especially these songs: "I'm back", "Chitty chitty bang bang" and "Bring it back" with JiYoon and Bekah :)


I just don't stop can't stop love them :) whatever people say about this boys I will love & support them, all of 7 :) it doesn't matter for me if this will be all 7 or 6+1.... song "Don't stop Can't stop" is my favorite lately, somehow I found a little bit of myself in this song.... they make really nice album. 2 P M be stronger than ever!
p.s. my Ang Agn Woo Young has some vocal cord nodule ;/ I'm sooo worried... his solo is my favorite part in "Without U", but he must lipsyncing during his parts T_T I hope that he can take some rest and he heals soon :/and Junsu too :/


as always he bring some great music for me :) as I expected this album is good, "Hip song" makes me move like Rain on come backe stage xD I con't wait to his new drama, I heard that he will be filming something new with Jeon Ji Hyun... even if i don't like this actress I will watch this for sure :) it's all for RAIN !!

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  1. Well.. just like you, i miss hangkyung too.. but what can we do? Hangkyung is not Suju anymore... don't you know bout it?

  2. Well,, Rain is the BEST!

    Lee Hyori is the plagiator^^

  3. yeah u right....most of the songs from suju album is not really good...T_T
    but bonamana n boom boom is really GOOd!

    MBLAQ...!!!!waaa...i love them too after oh yeah n g.oo.d love....Y is great! thanx for d album!!

    newayyy, ur d best narcia!! ^^