My new Taiwanese revelation : MISSTER (特先生) !!
Hmm, I don't care, if they are les, bi, trans or whatever, I really really like them, just like I like Amber from f(x) for example. I'm not tomboyish at all, I just like it '^^ I like this style on others, but I do not qualify '^^ well I think that I'll never look tomboyish with my long blonde hair and make-up '^^

Quote: MISSTER (特先生) is a Taiwanese idolgroup formed by Lady Emperor in 2011. They made debut on 15/2/2011 with their Mandarin Chinese cover of "BOMB BOMB BOMB" originally by K-pop group SHU-I. The group consists of Milk Pan, Carol Chen, Jin Tai, Chris Lai and Chiao Wang.

and my favorite song : MISSTER - Super Lover

You can find DL link in description section of this video @yt - just click on "Watch on YouTube" button :)
 Enjoy it !

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  1. I love group, thanks for making me aware of them!