My first impression of this group wasn't good '^^ Judging by the appearance, Rania should have nothing to show, except sexy moves (I call this "slut dance moves", sorry '^^) & throwing their hair xD but I was surprised  by their live performance...they have quite good vocals...although Dr Feel Good not spoken to me, second song, Masquerade, is very interesting ~and my favorite on this album :)
but...girls, don't be LIKE THAT next time, please '^^

Artist: Rania
Title: Teddy Riley, The First Expansion In Asia 
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.04.06

01 Dr Feel Good (English Ver.)
02 Dr Feel Good (Korean Ver.)
03 Masquerade (English ver.)
04 Dr Feel Good (Inst.)
05 Masquerade (Inst.)

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  1. So sexyyyy, TNks for your Hard Work!!!! ^_^

  2. love this group, thanks for the link to download i have this song on repeat!