name: Jola (full: Jolanta)
nickname: Narcia, MsJooJoo
b-day: 10. March
location: Poland
eyecolor: blue, blue, blue!
hair color: blond
body type: skinny
ethnicity:  Caucasian
religion  Catholic
peircings/tattoos: I don't have, but I really want have a one little star tattoo on my right hand  :) like Kahi :)
siblings: only child
family with whom you live: mother, father, grandmother (one dog & parrot)

color: pink! violet, blue, light green
hair style: ponytail
music: KOREAN!
sport: soccer, volleyball, ski jumping, tennis
store: I really like stationery shops hehe, but if you ask about clothes store I don't have fav
holiday: Christmas
food: toast, Polish dish called flaki (tripe) & ozorki, pasta with chicken (Vietnamese), kebab
number: 7 & 8
place: my bed, my room & bathroom
drink: pepsi, tea, raspberry beer, red sweet wine, 
day of week: friday!
month: June
city: my home town, Seoul
animal: dogs & cats, panda, penguins
time of day: evening
smell: Dune Dior, other: smell of lilacs, jasmine, lime
t.v. channel: TVN Style, E!, BBC Ent. etc.
song: currently: Jay park - Nothin  On You (Korean Ver.)

are you in luv: no
have you ever been in luv: hm... no '^^
do you believe in love at first sight: yes
longest relationship: 1 year
kiss on first date: no
ever cheated on someone(be honest): never

do you drink: yes @_@
do you have any regrets: yes
do you believe in yourself: sometimes not            
can you handle the truth: I always try, but it's hard sometimes          
biggest fear: fear of height (acrophobia)
first thought waking up: I must again go to work >_<
do you get along with your parents: with my mom yes, but with my father not :<
do you swear: no
do you have a pet: yes :)
have you ever passed out: yes
do you party: rarely
do you get good grades: even very good :)

In a Boy
eye color: dark, black or brown
hair color: dark *_*
short or long hair: a little bit longer
height: 180 cm or more
peircings or tattoos: only tattoos
just cute or sexy: cute & sexy will be the best :D
hobbies: he must love music like me, not necessarily korean, but he must be tolerant, other interests: books, sports like soccer or something like that, Internet  *_*
one girl man: yeah

This or That
soda or juice?  juice
music or Internet? both xD
rock or rap? rap
dogs or cats? both!   
white or black? black
curly Hair or straight Hair? straight          
corded Phone or cordless? cordless         
phone or Internet? Internet          
school or work? school
hugs or kisses? hugs
pepsi or coke? pepsi
mcdonalds or burger king? mcdonalds
chocolate or vanilla? vanilla
lover or fighter? lover
friends or family? friends are my family too :)
love or money? LOVE
listen to someone talk or talking? talking >_<
personality or looks? unfortunately, first is look, but then goes personality
magazines or comics? magazines    

What do you do on your spare time? watching dramas or Asian movies, improve image in PS, listen to music, teases my dog '^^
What do you wish you had more time for? for books, for my family, friends, for myself too
Whats your usual clothing style? I have my own style I think '^^ i like loose, a little bit romantic and cute, sometimes sexy clothes :)
Whats your usual hair style? loose, dissolved, a litte bun or ponytail
What are you wearing? now? my green pajamas :D                      
Who would you die for? for my mom   
What do you think of one night stands? no x__x
Whos your best friend? Milena, Agnieszka, Iwona
How long have you been friends? M&A 10 years, Iwona 5 years
How did you and your best friend meet? with Milena I meet frequently, we live in the same town, near to each other, with Agnieszka I meet very rare because Agnieszka live in London now, with Iwona I meet rare because we are both too busy
Do you have any pets? yes!
If yes, how many? two, I have one dog called Mars and a little blue parrot called Lena
Do you plan on getting married? maybe
Do you plan on having kids? I would like to
If so, how many? maybe two, boy & girl
How old did you wish you were? sweet 16 xD
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be? Seoul! or Singapore ;)
Why? I'm very interested in this cities and the people living there, culture, monuments, traditions and customs
Ever gone Camping? never 
Ever gone to church? yes, many times, my country is really religious xD  but I’m not a practicing believer, from some time I don't go to church     
Ever gone out of the country? two times ‘^^ I was in Austria, Vienna and the Czech Republic, Prague
Anything you got planned for this weekend? yes
If so, what? today, Saturday, I meet with friends :)
Do you think you’re hot? sometimes xD
Do other people think your hot? hmm.... I think that people like what they see ‘^^
Do you think your skinny? I’m skinny
Or do you think your fat? and I think that I’m fat in some places of my body haha ‘^^ yeah, complexes ;)
What year were you born in? year of the Ox
Ever been on a blind date? yes
What do you enjoy doing when your bored? when I'm REALLY bored I play games online
What do you do in the summer time? getting sunburnt, eat lots of ice cream, meet with friends & go shopping, I spend a lot of time in my garden :)
Are you naturally tanned? no
Or are you kinda pale? yes, pale     
Do you live in a apartment? yes
What do you have on your mind? now: I must go take a shower, it’s really hot here in Poland @_@
What time is it now? it's 2pm!! no, no it's 10:37 am ;)


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  2. How do you make that Home , about me ? separated? :)

  3. hey,
    omg ive missed seeing your blog.
    this may sound weird, but i had misplaced the link to your site, and didnt see it since.
    now i see it again.
    its kinda sad that you dont put music anymore, but i am glad you are still here. ^^
    stay well