about Polish music '^^

I love my country '^^ we have great history, great culture, beautiful nature, nice people, strange but very goog food, like bigos, pierogi '^^ but our music stage is not so great at all '^^ well, we don't have nothing special to show XD excepting this few artists '^^
for me this songs are really good (in English or Polish language):

new 'breeze' on polish hip-hop\soul\r'n'b stage:
Afromental - Thing We've Got

Sistars disbanded not long ago Y__Y but their songs are still good and I like them, lyric to 'My music' is like a motto for my blog ...
My Music

Kasia Cerekwicka is my fav famele vocalist '^^ she have sweet r'n'b songs about love ...
Tylko raz
Ostatni raz płaczę...
Broken Heart

and at end, my fav polish hip-hop song:

Liber & Sylwia Grzeszczak - Nowe Szanse

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