Banana Girl

hey, I'm not a big fan of dance music or something, but sometimes I really like listen such a songs =) Lee Jung Hyun, Koyote are my fav dance artists, but I like also a few Banana Girl's songs '^^ thats why I put this single here ... first song "Kiss me" is just a fast and lively song, she makes me wanna dance =) and give kisses hahah xDDDD (don't ask who :P) I like also a phrase: 'Miss Princess' or something like that xDDDD yep, I think that I'm princess tooo '^^ and scound song is also great ... it's a little bit slower and more romantic but with nice dance beat '^^ I like especially chorus, and maybe anybody knows what means: "ggot chi pinda" (well, something like this heh'^^) ?? also this song reminds me some another song, but I can't remeber o.O

[single] Kiss Haejweo (feat. Namolla Family) [2008.10.20]

01 Kiss Haejweo (feat. Namolla Family) (Kiss Me)
02 Ggot (Flower)


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  1. thanks! i was looking for this song for a long time! :D