Finished voting... results...

Finally voting is finished '^^ So I'll be not longer keep this in secret xD

Tam Tara Ram!! '^^

II. Big Bang
III. Epik High

* as I think xD I'm happy that my fav korean band won in this voing Photobucket almost to the end, TVXQ and Big Bang had the same number of points ... TVXQ had a excellent come back, Big Bang stand all the time on the good level '^^
this was a great rivalry

II. Kara
III. Brown Eyed Girls \ SeeYa

* in this category was not many candidates... only this four group... but Wonder Girls won with large amount of voices... they are definitive the Queen's of a korean musical scene '^^

II. Wheesung
III. Lee Min Woo

* LOL, I'm also happy that Rain won in this category... I mean, he is a
MASTER of dance, sexy moves, cute smiles and he definitive know what to do to make girls want him xDDD [I'm one of his (dance, moves, smiles etc.) fans, forever :D]

II. Son Dam Bi

* I wanted a Son Dam Bi to take a first place, but... well, Hyori is good too, I think xD I like "It's Hyorish", it's a good album, but I don't like her too much, personally... I think that Son Dam Bi is much cute and sexy than a Hyori... and Hyori won with only one voice T__T h well, maybe in the next voting *dreams*~~


* I knew from beginning that SHINee takes the first place '^^ they are young, talented, charismatic, determined, stylish... but I think about 2PM exactly the same '^^ and I know that this two groups gona be in future rivals still '^^ cuz they are too good '^^

II. Miss $
III. Hyena\MISO\ Wink\ SunHa\ IU

* shame on me, but I don't know these girls T__T but if so many people voted on Davichi, they must be a really good duet... and I wish them many success '^^

The best album\mini album\single:

II. "Remember" - Big Bang
III. "Pieces, part one" - Epik High

The most splendid song:

I. "Mirotic" by TVXQ
II. "Flea" by Clazziquai Project \ "So Hot" by Wonder Girls \ "Haru, haru" by Big Bang

The best video:

I. "Mirotic" by TVXQ
II. "One minute, one second" by Epik High


BIG THANKS to all who was voting: all these anonymous, Ines, Kaori, Araś (kochany xDD)...
I'm sooo moved and really thankful to you all

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