Girls' Generation

very girlish song '^^ catchy and sweet '^^ I'm not a SNSD fan, I don't even know the names of this girls, for me they are so similar... but if they look nice, sing a catchy song which peoples like, so this is ok for me '^^ gee, gee, gee xDD

[digital single] Gee

01. Gee


Now full mini album is here '^^

[mini album] Gee [2009.01.07]

1. Gee
2. 힘내! (Way to go)
3. Dear. Mom
4. Destiny
5. 힘들어하는 연인들을 위해 (Let's talk about LOVE)


2 komentarze:

  1. the gee song is makin me mindless
    its realy great!

  2. Thanks for sharing! :3