About me ...

Okies, many people ask me: Where are U form? Are U Korean? Where do U live? etc. '^^ So, if someone want to know more about Narcia, here are some of my personal infos xD another meme with a photos which I found on Internet '^^ except of my own and my dog photos '^^

Real name: Jola '^^ don't read this like a English word '^^ if you want this to pronounce, you say better something like a Yola (in English)... this is a short form of my name, the full form is Jolanta (read: Yolanta) ...
Surname: LoL, I think it's to difficult for you to say xD so, I'll keep this in a secret xD
Nickname: heh, Narcia of course :D but earlier I used this nicks: melancholic child, yola ...
Age: hmmm, more than twenty one :P born in year of Ox '^^

Height: 166 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Family: mother, father, grandmother... and I'm only child __^__ When I was younger, I wish to have brother or sister ... now it also would be nice '^^
Place of residence: central Europe~~central Poland~~

What do I do?: I'm still study, now it's management, before I was studing pedagogy (science about education) xD and from this Wednesday I work in a new job '^^ now it's work with a handicapped persons in indicative committee LoL xD but mostly my work look like that:

In love?: I'm a single... maybe I have too high expectations & requirements, heh xD but the truth is that I don't have time for men __^__

Home pets: one canary '^^ and my lovely dog, his name is Mars '^^ (I know, the odd scarf xD, but I just love this photo :D

Fav food: Polish soups are really good '^^ my fav: tomato soup :D * pizza Margarita * steaks * kebab * every sandwiches :D candys: cheesecake, apple-pie, strawberry ice-creams...

~~~~ I got hungry~__^__

Fav fruits:
banana, apple, strawberry, dried pineapple, mandarine...

yuuummmmyyy ~~ :P

Fav books: I really like Harry Potter's series, Marcin Bruczkowski's books: "Zagubieni w Tokio", "Singapur, czwarta rano"... (in English: "Lost in Tokio", "Singapore, 4th at the morning")...

Fav drinks: tea (I just LOVE tea '^^) juices: carrot, cherry... hmm, red wine '^^


okey, okey please don't laugh xD that's me, when I was 4 and 6 years old :D
PY, I also had a doll like yours '^^

Now: I'm a more blonde '^^

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  1. hihi jola (yola ;p)

    haha... yep as you guessed, have been saying it wrongly ;p...

    oh year of the ox... so this is your year :) and you do realise by saying year of the ox, i can guess how old you are ;p hehe... but its okie... you are still young!

    congrats on finding a job! hope it goes well and you are happy there~

    oh... mars is so cute in that photo!

    sorry don't know much about polish food ;p

    you read a book about sinagpore?! what is it about? can't be about what happens at 4am right?

    yep... noticed the doll :) you were really cute as a kid! heaps better than my childhood photos ;p anyway hi again since this is the first time i'm seeing your photo ;p...

    yep... back to work... take care and be happy always~

  2. hi jola ^ ^
    piku-chan desu,from indonesia

    really like ur blog,thanx 4 upload
    I am sorry i ca't speak engliah well XD
    so my english so bad T_T

    Jola in that photo is so kawaii... ^ ^

    polish food... wow!!! look so delicious!!!

  3. hello, Yola ^_^
    i'm feel so good at your posts about
    Korean musics.
    I'm Korean.
    i read your blog very well.
    see you~