My city ^^ and it's over a 300 posts here =)

okey, some boy's blog made me wanna say more about my hometown ^^ (yeah, Sobakhan it's about you =) I have a few photos, but they are not made by me '^^ I just use photos, which are available on sites of my city and they are free '^^

My town~~Skierniewice (really hard to say for you, I think)
Population: 48 979 (yep, it's a middle-size town, here in Poland)
Surface: 32,89 km²
Urban right from: 1457 year (quite old, don't you think?)

My settlement... ech, summer '^^ I just love summer xD this is really near to my block (home)... I walk here on walks with my dog almost every day =)

and this is my way to work lately =) a little bit further is my work place '^^

everyday when I go on my busstop, I walk by this fountain... well, now in winter it's closed but when the summer comes, it'll be really beautiful =) I think that at night it's the best!

what is really beautiful in my town? we have quite a lot antique buildings, a lot of greenness and trees, especially when we walk near to our park and bay =) I think that people are very nice, well I just love my town =)
our park in summer...

and in fall...

bay in my city...

and lovely ducks =)


OK, I want to say that I'll be made more posts like this in future, I think '^^ (you know, about my personal live) I'm a little bit tired in uploading stuff now... of course, I'll be uploading something from time to time, but please understand that I don't have time lately... I just began new work and I work from 8AM do 4PM, or ever more T_T in five days in a week... and when the weekend comes, I have to go study T_T and I stay there from 8AM to 6PM (and I don't live in Warsaw where I study, so I have to train one hour in one side ... ) Please, I hope that you will be understanding me and still visit my site =) I hope that my non-music-posts will be still interesting for you '^^ from now if somebody leave a request in a shoubox, I'll be transfer you to other sites or links... so, please leave a mail address or link to your site, only then I'll give you direct link to stuff that you need =) if you dont leave any link, than I'll ignore your request __^__ I hope that our co-operation will be good ^^
and I wanna say I really appreciate your thanks and all your nice words =) I really love you, my readers and visitors!! xD

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  1. Oh, so nice city and lovely photos. You make it by yourself? :>

  2. yeah Besiu, for sure ;PPP I didn't know that you like our city ;PPP

  3. Your city is beautiful! My town is brown almost all of the time. ^^

  4. hihi jola *^^*

    your town is really beautiful! looks totally different from singapore ;p think you will probably have seen pictures of singapore right? hope i can visit sometime in the future :)

    anyway, good luck with your work and studies... don't tire yourself out and rest enough, yah?

    keep in touch when you are free :)
    take cares~
    py *^^*

  5. wow...very niceee..i like it..hopefully i can go to ur place someday...

  6. I'm glad that you all like my town ^^ when I get back my photo aparat, I'll take more pics of my town in different places, time =) but I don't think that they will be good xD

    I've seen some pics of Singapore, not too much '^^ I read a little in Wikipedia about your country, I think that it is quite interesting place... Thanks for a good words PY ^^ I'll try not to fall with exhaustion xD It's not so bad in my work, at least I've very nice people who supports me '^^

    sheryzan ~~
    yeah, my town is nice, but I think that better are other cities in my county, for example Cracow, Warsaw... I'll make some post about it in the future '^^

    I think that your place is nice too, but in your pics it seems so sad and gloomy ;] maybe coz it's there a winter also... I hope that you will take more pics in the future, so I'll can see you city from the different side =)