it's weeeekkeeeend finally !!!!!!!!!!!! haha xD I'm so happy, coz this will be my free weekend from a long time '^^ I've so much plans... go to shops, go to my best friends, visiting my lovely grandma, sleep, sleep, sleep xD does it to be enough time for all this? well, still it's cold __^__ brrr, I froze on busstation today __^__ again xD I'm gloomy all the time in my work... sunny! where are you? __^__ and today was no mails in my box __^__ nobody loves me? =( oh well, end with complaints xD now it's time for some singles & albums '^^ heh, someone waited on this? '^^ First will be Sori =)

Sori is a newcomer, also very sexy and beautiful girl, I think xD I like her first song called 'Ipsuli Cheongmal' =) yuhu uhu xD Lee Jun Ki raps/sings in track 4 LoL xD

[debut single] Lip [2009.02.19]

01 Ipsul Cheongmal (My Lips Are Really...)
02 Saeggisonkarak (Sori Vers.) (Pinky Finger)
03 How
04 Saeggisonkarak (Lee Jun Ki Vers.) (Pinky Finger)


and really sexy video:

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