Some Polish songs today '^^

Hello my cookies '^^
today I want tell you about some good Polish songs... in my work I listen more radio than ever before in my whole life xD so, in Polish radio they play a lot of Polish songs, heh obviously '^^ I said once, that our music isn't really good and I don't like Polish songs and artists... but they are some excepts '^^

Afromental - 'I pray 4 love'
this band is very promising and my fav all the time, I must buy their new album for sure :D

this song is from first Polish dance movie "Kochaj i tańcz" (Love and dance) '^^ I was in movie theater on this film, I have to agree, it's quite good movie xD and I like this actor, Mateusz Damięcki, who play the main male role in this movie xD they say: "the youngest lover of Polish movie theater" LoL, whatever xD

PIN - 'Pójdę pod wiatr, jak najdalej'
veeeryy sweet love song '^^

English title: I'll go under wind, as the furthest... well, or something like that heh xD vocalist of PIN has very nice and delicate voice, I just love it :D

Marcin Rozynek
- 'Last Minute'
& 'Ubieranie do snu'
I love this guy from 5 years '^^ well, I love his song xD this two are the newest

Ok and the last song is...

Iza Lach - Nie
title means 'No' ... I love cables and the dogs xD

I hope that you enjoy this songs as much as I in my work xD

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