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bww@: Happy Face is a second project consist of BIG TONE and PILKANG formerly known as bless one and formerly known as iM. iM actually consist of 3 members, pilkang, bigtone, and leehan. they were known for making music from their mouth from beatbox to sounding like instruments, also known for imitating/remaking Bi[rain]'s song to justin timberlake and linkin park. with years of being together lee-han decides to go his way leaving only pilkang and big tone together so they formed bless one. they both were soon featured and help with arrangement/compositions on many artists album. big tone featured on many artists like lee hyori, lee minwo, junjin, brown eyed girls, jewelry, l.e.o kekoa and many more and with pilkang helping with many of the arrangements and compositions for artists like BIG BANG, mc mong, dj doc, and some others. and now finally these 2 coming at us calling them selves happy face.

I was almost in seven heaven when I found this :) I really LOVE "Be my 1004 (angel)" from a iM's single, this is one of my the best korean songs 4ever! and I liked this trio too, but as you can see, nothing in this world is eternal '^^ this single is good, but it's not the same as iM... I love "Be my 1004 Part II", it's great song, but to the other songs' style I must just get used...

[mini album] Be Happy [2009.04.14]

01 Intro
02 보여
03 Break Up
04 잘가 Ft. 낯선(nassun)
05 Be My 1004 PartⅡ


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