My BOO .....

Wooaaa!! what a great day !! today I visit my sweetheart, my nephew Christopher :D I'm his godmother... OMONA! I love so much this crazy kid xDDD he is so energetic, he can't sit even few seconds in one place xD he similing all the time, mischievous kid xD really, little scamp :D but he is my boo and I love him so much :D

I LOVE U ~~ Ur my boo ~~

아이스크림보다 달콤한
that's even sweeter than the ice cream
My boo My My Boo~

4 komentarze:

  1. wow...

    he's so adorable

    U're too young!!!!!!


  2. Hellooo! ^^
    I'm a huge fan of yours!!
    I was wondering you you would like to be my affiliate?? I would like to be your too!
    Anyways! go check my blog, when you got the time, it doesn't have many thing in English yet, but it will have in the "not so far" future! XD

    Hope to hear from you, and have a great day! ^^v

  3. ur nephew is so adorable....i also have 2 nephews but since they live far from me,i rarely can meet them...XXOO for cristopher <3