Done! it is silver era!

OMG I almost forget to share with you my currently happiness :)
Poland have for now 3 silver & 1 bronze medals at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver !! hehehe, I'm happy coz we are not good winter athletes '^^ so this maybe decent medals are very very important for us '^^

2 silver medals won our the best ski jumper, Adam Małysz. I love ski jumping since I remember xD It's one of our national sports probably xD and that is all thanks to Adam Małysz :D He is 32 years old and at the top rankings for almost ten years! unfortunately, I don't live in our mountains & I'm a lazy girl, so I can't just practice ski jumping : ( but every weekend like many many Poles I sit in front of the television & watch next World Cup competitions in ski jumping '^^ coz we simply love our Adam & this sport '^^ maybe thats why I love korean movie "Take off", which shows story of five Korean jumpers :D during competition I cheer not only Polish jumpers, but also some Asian like Korean or Japanese :) I know that Korea have 4 or 5 ski jumpers in World Cup & I cheer them '^^ but they don't play important role in competition '^^

One silver & one bronze medals won Justyna Kowalczyk in cross-country skiing. I personally don't like this winter discipline, I think it's too comprehensive & tiring, but I admire all competitors : )

Korea have 6 gold medals, mostly won on Short Track Speed Skating. But sincerely, Polish 3 silver & 1 bronze medals are better for me :D well, I think I'm a patriot still xD

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