H O T ! !

Did you remember that I always complained on cold in my country? well now I want to back to these day for a little ;( it's so HOT in Poland now... actually is 8:30 pm and 29 Celsius degrees !!! don't believe me? look at my photo:

And day temperature goes to 34-36 Celsius degrees.... it's crazy .... We, cold nation, don't know what to do now xD nobody have air conditioning in home or work place ;( we just sit & melt, just like me today at my work... and this state is in Poland more than a week and will last several days more ;( I know that many of you have in your countries warmer than I in Poland, but we was always a cold country xD average temperature in July here it's a 18,2 Celsius degrees, but now this is 23,2! it will be probably the hottest July from 227 years in my country xD I wonder how I gonna live to the autumn ;(

Latley me and my friend Milena was on the town beach... we have a small flood water and xD this is one of the ways to survive this heat '^^ short bath, than a little sun, but not too long '^^

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