This is C D !! and it's mine :)

Buhahahhahahahahahahahah !! evil smile :D
ok ok, don't be affraid, I'm not crazy, I'm just SOOO HAPPY :)

Firstly...Today I receive my ordered CDs from Yesasia :)
four new babies se se se :D


Heavenly Rain's Back to the basic, MBLAQ's gorgeous Y, SHINee's magnificent 2009, year of us & Lucifer :D

I've got more photos, if you want to see:
Rain special album - Back to the basic
MBLAQ second single album - Y
SHINee 3rd mini album - 2009, year of us
SHINee 2nd album - Lucifer
but sorry, it's a little bit disordered '^^

Secondly...My lovely PY wrote to me :) my friend from Singapore :)
I really missed you :( I'm not without fault too, I wrote a long time AGO to you too :( I'm sorry that we have so rare contact, it seems that we are both very busy women '^^ but you are always on my mind hehe :D all this time I collect a next gift for you :) I must you suprise again :D
I'm happy that you like my photos, Royal Bath & Park
are really great, I hope that you can visit one day this place.. I could be your guide then :)
I'm quite fine, but you know... even though I smile, it is not always so nice '^^ I try don't give up... but it's sometimes hard to be a responsible adult '^^
If you will have some free time write to me :) maybe you were on vacation in some interesting place? you were already on vacation? :D keke, I do not know how it is in Singapore '^^but I'm really curious :) by now, take care my PY :*

Thirdly...Hello Argentina!! good to see you here again :) wow, another busy person, I'm busy too xD mostly my work is so absorbing '^^ because my work, I can not concentrate on my school :( I should finish it now, but everything was delayed :( and it annoys me very much ;/
but, what you study? woaa! are you from Argentina really or it's just a nickname or real name hm? :) I'm really happy that you often visit my poor blog ;) you're always welcome here, write to me something from time to time :) it's really nice to have a some conversation with my readers :) see you next time Argentina ;)

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  1. hihi jola~

    sorry to take so long to reply! have been really busy with work cos i'm trying to clear everything as i'm going on vacation next week :) yay~ hahah... will be going australia (sydney and tasmania) with my friends... will send you some pictures next time~

    glad to hear that everything is going ok... yes, i agree, not everything will go the way you want it but there is only so much we can do! so 힘내세요~ and it's ok about not being in touch often... cos i understand both of us are busy... writing once in a while is good enough for me :)

    also, checked out your livejournal but not sure how to post there, so leaving this message here instead ;p...

    okie... going back to work...
    take care and be happy~
    huggies n luv py *^^*