Shut down...

Hello everybody :)
Lately I had seriously thinking about close down my "narcia's world" blog :(((
it will be the end with posting albums etc. on this site, even the end with a posting about my personal life....
it's not like this blog is a one source of asian music on Internet or there was a great atmosphere here... many of you can see that not much happening here...
I don't make now the final decision, I give myself time to the end of October '10....
see you later all ....

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  1. Hi, I'm a fan of your blog from Singapore. Could you please dun close down the blog. I love to have updates from my favourite kpop and jpop. Hope you could take in consideration again. Love, Kelf.

  2. Thank U Kelf for your response. Don't worry, I'll consider it :) I have to make a list of pros and cons '^^ I don't make hasty decision.
    hehe, I see that I have some fans from Singapore ;) this country likes me a lot '^^ It makes me very happy :) please, write more !! n___n

  3. Hello Narcia..
    i'm a big fan of your blog..
    please don't close yours!

  4. Hello, Narcia
    I have been a big fan of your blog.. when I run into your blog, I was so happy. I am also a big fan of K-POP in Japan. I always wonder how you can collect K-POP info from far away. I am a Japanese and because living in Japan, there are so many Korean concerts lately, so I can get easily info about K-POP, but still I love your blog and I don't want you to close your blog.
    I wanted to say "Thank you" to you.
    Love, Yumico

  5. Hi Narcia,
    I've been looking for sites that have been offering K-Pop music and yours has been, by far, the best. It's simple and directly links me to the place to get it, and you tell everyone your opinions on the album. I find that it has been helpful for a beginner K-Pop lover like myself. Please keep it up :)

    Thanks from the NYC,
    Lynn <3

  6. Narcia

    My english is not verry good,I`m from Chile (latin american), plis dont´ let us whitout your blog, this is one my favorites sites for asian music, and I love your blog, even your pesonal post, even when I dont write I`m abig fan of your blog. And I promess write more !! ...XD

  7. Gracias por tu Blog Narcia, no lo cierres.
    Thanks for all I`m a Big Fan of yours plis don`t close your blog.

  8. Hello Narcia!
    Hahaha I'm another friend from Singapore ^^ And yes we love your blog! In fact, you're my favourite provider of korean and japanese music! I got almost all of your songs cos I trust your tastes in artists XD