Yamashita Tomohisa

My first Japanese luv has first solo album :) really good j-pop :)

[album] SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD [2011.01.26]

01. 抱いてセニョリータ
02. はだかんぼー(Album ver.)
03. 月と太陽のラプソディ
04. Crazy You
05. サンタマリア
06. 溺愛ROBOT
07. 罪と罰
08. 口づけでアディオス
09. 最後のラブ・ソング
10. 青春アミーゴ
11. 青(山下智久作詞・作曲)※BONUS TRACK

01. Theme of “SUPERBAD”
02. Tokyo Sinfonietta
03. PARTY DON’T STOP(feat. DJ DASK)(山下智久共同作詞)
04. One in a million
05. Yours Baby
07. Loveless
08. ごめんね
09. Blood Diamond
10. Sleepwalking
11. Touch You ※BONUS TRACK
12. TOMO(山下智久共同作詞)※BONUS TRACK
13. Friday Night (山下智久作詞)※BONUS TRACK
14. MOLA(R-midwest Remix)※BONUS TRACK


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  1. Okay, I can't understand what's written here lol!
    Anyway I'll try to post you a comment *yeah*!
    Paff, I'm just here to say "THANK YOU", really! *___* I absolutely LOVE this site and now I think I'm slowly starting to love ya too, honey lol! This site is like a Land of Toys (mmh, in italian it is "Paese dei Balocchi" from Pinocchio lo~l xD!)
    Yup I'm Italian and yup I'm an Asia lover (I love korean music in particular <3)!
    Okay I wrote too much! Thank you again for this amazing site, keep the good job! FIGHTING~! <3
    Your biggest fan (:P), Ami! :3