Seo Tai Ji with Tolga Kashif & Royal Philharmonic

LOL, with orchestra his songs are even better as normal o.O violins, oboe, cellos, fotepian ... this all make with Seo's songs 'small work of music art' '^^ Seo Tai Ji show us that a music put together different people and that a musical styles can pierce perfectly =) my fav version with orchestra are: #3 "Internet war", #7 "T'ik T'ak", #9 "시대유감" (when audience sing with Seo) and #11 "교실이데아" a really powerful song =)

[album] The Great 2008 Seotaiji Symphony with Tolga Kashif & Royal Philharmonic [2008.09.27]

01 Take One 서곡 + Take On
02 Take Two
03 인터넷전쟁
04 Moai
05 죽음의 늪
06 T'ik T'ak 판타지아
07 T'ik T'ak
08 Heffy End
09 시대유감
10 영원
11 교실이데아
12 Come Back Home
13 Adagio
14 난 알아요
15 Bermuda Triangle


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