Inoue Joe

okey, I like first track and second and third and... =) I like whole single xD nice English... Is this boy only a half Japanese or something? cuz this single and Joe sounds wery American, I think... but it's nothing wrong in this =) and I watched a video clip "CLOSER" and "Nowhere"... lol, he is a cutie too =)

[single] CLOSER [2008.12.17]

01. Closer
02. Gravity
03. Kangae Taku nai ~Can a guy talk all night?~
04. Closer -Naruto Opening Ver.-
05. Closer -"Kerioki" ver.- (Karaoke)


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  1. Thanks! He is actually full Japanese, but he grew up in Los Angeles in the US. He speaks Japanese fluently.

  2. thanks, good to know =) I think that he is very talented, he play on guitar, drums etc. '^^