My the best Christmas present! I'm sooo happy!

Hello everybody! How was your Christmas? I hope, that it was warm and nice time and you spend it with your family '^^ and have you got your the best Christmas present? Well, I hope so, cuz I've got my the best Christmas ever in this year xD and all thanks to Pei Ying '^^

This very nice and hearty person bought nad sended to me some korean stuff. This is what I got from my lovely PY:

I really cried with happiness when I unpacked this xD this is a CD+DVD version of DBSK "Mirotic" album... my first yupi!!!


and poster hangs near me, I can look at my sweet boys just now xD

"Full house" with Rain '^^ my first drama whichI watched (lol, years ago)... and because of this drama I started loved Asian dramas at all... me and my mum watched this already in the second day of Christmas , it was sooo fun '^^


"Time between dog and wolf" drama with great Lee Jun Ki's role... I love LJK in this, one of the greates dramas for me xD


and this a super cute Merlion, symbol of Singapore '^^ my private Guardian Angel '^^ I hung it by my mobile, that it is always with me '^^


great postcard with a majestic Merlion statue...


Really PY, you make my one of deepest dreams come true xD THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!
I hope that we will be still write to each other and become good friends '^^ (and I'm impress, you still stand my English, I hope that it is much better than on beginning '^^) I really appreciate what you done for me and I want to repay for this '^^ so, I want send to you some Polish souvenir... when I'll have time, I'll go and search =)

And I apologize all, which was waiting for my new reply with music etc. '^^ I spend Christmas at my grandmother house and I couldn't check my sites (she don't have Internet) '^^

Take care all and bye bye!


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  1. hihi jola :)

    how are you?

    haha... glad the parcel reached you and happy that you are so happy! was a bit worried that the parcel will get lost but happy to find out it arrived and the timing was great as well! just in time for christmas :)~ don't worry about sending any polish souvenirs... just repaying you for all the songs i got from you :)~ and i'm sure i will be taking more from you in the future ;p haha...

    your english is pretty good so you don't have to worry about it! have to apologise again for my handwriting on the postcard though ;p haha... was really in a rush and was panicking as the post office was closing... hope you understood my handwriting ;p haha... and of cos we will be keeping in touch :)

    ok... sorry have to keep it short... have to get back to work... happy new year in advance :) enjoy your pressies :)
    take care~ py *^^*

  2. hello PY '^^
    thx, I'm fine, I hope that you too '^^
    yeah, you have a really great timing, PY (it's incredible, lol) '^^ it was flying across half world and has reached to me in about 10 days =)
    I think that your handwriting is a quite cute, even if you wrote this in a hurry xD mine is a much worse hehehe xD
    gosh, tomorrow it's a New Year Eve xD and a new year will start and I'll be almost one year older =( time flies too fast xD
    Happy new year to you Py '^^ hope that this new year will be better that this old =)

  3. hihi jola~

    happy new year!!!

    haha... i was lucky that the parcel reached you around christmas ;p... don't think i have much control over postage... haha...

    awww... how sweet! my handwriting has never been called cute! generally it gets called messy, untidy etc... haha...

    don't worry... i will forever be older than you ;p but yah... time really flies... still remember the start of 2008 and its 2009 already!

    hope this year will be better for you as well! and you manage to be one step closer to fulfilling your dream of going to korea :)

    take cares~ *^^*