Who are you?

I find this online quiz on my friend's blog... and I made one for me xD here are results:

What type of Fae are you?

it's 80% truth of me '^^
but LoL, Am I really that lost and possessive? o.O hmmm ... ofttimes I'm lost, that's true, cuz life isn't easy... but I'm not possessive, I'm really tolerant and happy with others happiness =) I only wish that I could someday live in my lovely country, Korea '^^ soooo... maybe yes, I envy this people which can live there xDDD
it's truth that I don't hold grudges often, but when I do, they last a long ago... I'm a little bit unforgiving... I don't take a revange, but I remember an injustice a long... but there are only a cases when somebody hurt me very much '^^
it's funny cuz I'm Pieces (this is my sign of zodiac) and I'm surely not down-to-earth =) I'm all the time in rush, I'm forgetful, absent spirit, in my own world, so how I can be down-to-earth? xDDD

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