really nice k-hip-hop album... one of this rappers voice remiand me a Liber's rap - one of my fav Polish rappers... and the last song "Dokyak" is really great... the rest recommended song I marked with a ♡ and **

Quiet Storm [2009.01.08]

01 Quiet Storm

02 Tell Me Why (Feat. 화영)

03 Driving Me Crazy (Feat. 화영) **
04 It`s Okay (Feat. 화요비 Hwayobi) **
05 This Is Love
06 우리 그때처럼 (Feat. 화영)
07 비행 (Feat. 정현)
08 Back Again (Feat. 화영)
09 다줄께 (Feat. 송지은 Song Ji Eun)
10 Only U (Feat. 샛별) **
11 365일 (Feat. 화요비 Hwayobi)

12 Top Sweety

13 독약 (Feat. Outlaw, Mellow)


great! \** nice

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