hot debut!! really cute boy and also very talented, I think '^^ he look a little bit like a young Rain (but, you know, Rain will be always & forever the best looking man in the whole world, as for me hi~hi~hi xD) ... I don't know if AJ will be a mega star in the future, but I like song on this debut single ... catchy motive: d-d-d-d-dancing shoooooes xD and in the second song "2009" we have a Hyun Ah, Wonder Girls' former member (she left the girls after "Irony" MV, or something like that, with regard on her health) ... her rap is really nice, I like it, especially part: I'm so hot like ... Wonder Girls xD it sounds like a motto for me xD

[debut single] First episode a new hero

01 - Intro
02 - 댄싱슈즈
03 - 2009 (feat. 현아)
04 - 눈물을 닦고
05 - 댄싱 슈즈(inst.)


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