Big Bang & 2NE1

OK, today is a day for .... some update :D !! I hope that you ready xD soooo ... let's begin xD

first of all ... new song and MV of Big Bang and new girls group 21 (or if you like 21NE1, I really don't know how to call this girls now xD) ... all look quite ... weird? heh, I think that GD is too much with his cap and hair style __^__ but girls are really cute and nice, I like it and wish them a success in May (probably they will be solo debuting in May, I think o.O) (heh, if they are a female Big Bang, it will be definitely success '^^) ... and this song "Lollipop" is very catchy, today I sang whole day "lolli lolli lolli pop ..." :)

[digital single] Lollipop

01 Lollipop


[MV] Lollipop


3 komentarze:

  1. Wooh~ I love this song, can't stop singing it ._.
    Thanks for the uploads :D

  2. I absolutely love the MV! its gorgeous!!! very different =] (TOP looks so cool haha)
    and its all really well choreographed =]
    def support big bang and 2NE1, hope the girls do well =D
    (oh and the LG lollipop phone is cute!! better than ice-cream <3 )